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Friday, May 11, 2012

Irritated by cattle loss, villagers try to take on tiger

TNN | May 11, 2012, 05.52AM IST CHANDRAPUR: Panic stricken villagers of Tekadi, located on the border of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, on Thursday morning tried to tackle a full grown tiger on their own. Aggrieved by the loss of their cattle killed by tigers, a group of villagers rushed to a tiger and tried to drive away the beast from the kill. However, timely intervention of local forest officers prevented any untoward incident. A tiger from TATR killed a bullock on the bank of Irai river close to Tekadi village on Wednesday night. The beast then dragged its kill to thick shrubs and devoured over it. After villagers learnt about the incident tension gripped the village. Twelve villagers went out in search of the kill and found the tiger sitting over it. "Even as small mob had gathered around, the tiger continued to devour its kill. Some people even tried to drive the beast away. But, team of foresters reached the spot in time and pacified the villagers," sources in forest department said. RFO Rautkar pacified the villagers. Later a rapid response team from Chandrapur forest division and police squad from Bhadrawati was also rushed to the spot. Through public address system the villagers were asked to go back to the village and the tiger was driven back into jungle by making 'haka' (din). "Tiger is safe and we have made all arrangements for its protection. The villagers might have dared to go close to tiger out of fear sycosis, however no untoward incident took place," said DCF, Chandrapur forest division, P Kalyankumar. He suspected that tiger could have came for water in Irai river and killed the cattle that was present at the water body. RFO Rautkar claimed that they have made all arrangements for monitoring the tiger's movement. "The cattle kill is on the same place. We have mounted four camera traps around the kill to monitor the tiger. A machan has also been built close to the spot to keep a watch over the tiger," he said.

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