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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Abandoned cub rescued at Kanha tiger reserve

TNN | Jun 9, 2012, 04.28AM IST BHOPAL: An injured cub that turned feeble after being abandoned by a tigress was rescued at the world famous Kanha tiger reserve (KTR) in eastern Madhya Pradesh, forest department officials said on Friday. This was the second cub that had been rescued by the forest staff, after being abandoned by tigress in the state's tiger reserve, in last two months. In the first week of April, a cub was rescued in Panna tiger reserve (PTR). "The cub was abandoned by tigress that gave birth to it around 10 months ago in Kanha range of the reserve. It was left by the tigress some 10 days ago. We tranquilized the cub and shifted it to an enclosure in Gurila are under Mukhi range of the reserve on Thursday", KTR field director J S Chauhan told TOI. This cub had grown weak and sustained injuries to his legs possibly after being attacked by some animal, officials said. "We have kept the cub under observation and are feeding it with mutton and chicken," they said adding that the cub was in good health, now. The ground duty officials are trying hard to locate the tigress that gave birth to this cub. Officials said they are going to rehabilitate the cub- once it turned healthy and starts going for the kill. Felines usually abandon their cubs when they turn too weak, according to wildlife experts.

Police probe ordered into Panna tiger crisis

TNN | Jun 9, 2012, 04.21AM IST BHOPAL: The state government has ordered a police inquiry into the Panna tiger crisis, wherein more than 35 tigers had vanished from the tiger reserve from 2003 to 2008. The tigers were reportedly poached. According to sources, the IG of Sagar will hold an inquiry. Though there was a demand to order a CBI inquiry, the state government did not recommend one.