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Friday, May 11, 2012

7 tigers spotted at Nagzira, none at Navegaon during census

TNN | May 11, 2012, 05.54AM IST Bhandara: There is mixed news for wildlife lovers, as a number of tigers were sighted in Nagzira tiger sanctuary while not a single tiger was seen at Navegaon Bandh national park during the recent machan census. Forest officials assured though that there are tigers in the national park, but they might not have visited waterholes during the census. Assistant conservator of forest (Nagzira) Ramesh Saraf said that during the water hole census in Nagzira tiger sanctuary on May 6, volunteers and staff sighted 7 tigers, 7 leopards, 196 wild dogs, 45 sloth bear, 712 sambar, 476 bison, 1,177 chital. The waterhole census begun on May 6 and concluded 24 hours later, with 84 wild life lovers and NGO representatives, including 15 ladies, participated in the census. These people came from as far away as Amravati, Akola, Akot, Pune, Nagpur and Bhandara. Census was also conducted in Navegaon Bandh national park on the same day, said ACF Govind Yede. Here, people sighted 6 leopards, 85 sloth bear, 311 bison, 36 sambar, 30 chital, 151 wild boar, 272 blue bull, 46 wild dogs, 19 wolf, 2 hyena, 56 barking deer, 16 mongoose, 129 peacocks, 1,365 rhesus macaque, 565 langoor, 7 porcupine, 5 civet cat and 9 wildcats. Chintu Rajput and Munna Nagori, activists of Wild Watch, said the high tiger density in Nagzira tiger sanctuary's 355 sq km area is proven by sighting of 7 tigers. As for Navegaon Bandh national park, though no tiger was counted during census, officials said the forest stretches up to Deori, and the resident tigers might have gone into the adjacent forest area.

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