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Monday, July 1, 2013

Big cat from Palamu Tiger Reserve strays into non-reserve area

TNN | Jul 1, 2013, 05.10 AM IST DALTONGANJ: A big cat from the Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) has strayed into a non-tiger reserve area. Sources said, its presence in the area has made him vulnerable to potential threat from outsiders The tiger first crossed the Koyal river, which had very little water a couple of days ago. The tiger migrated from Kumandi (Kumandi is under the tiger reserve) to Saryu ( a non-tiger reserve). PTR field director S E H Kazmi said the divisional forest officer (core) of this reserve P Anand has informed him about the tiger straying into a non-tiger reserve area. Pug marks were found on both sides of the Koyal river. A wild animal, especially a tiger or a leopard in a non-reserve area, is exposed to various threats, inlcuding the threat to its life. As and when it preys, it ltriggers hostility among the livestock feed owner. Asked if strayed elephants can be controlled and brought back to normal track, why not tigers, the field director said, "Here there is no mechanisn as such to tame or put back any migrated or strayed tiger on its old trodden path or area." Responding to a query about whether the tiger will go hunting for a man if it fails to find a prey, Kazmi said, "Palamu Tiger Reserve doesn't have a history of a tiger eating a man since the year of its inception 1974. There have been a couple of incidents when a tiger has mauled some persons but not eaten up anyone here. Man-tiger directconfrontation is unheard of here."

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