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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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TNN | Jan 30, 2013, 12.32 PM IST DALTONGANJ: The Palamu Tiger Reserve is expecting newborn cubs to join the tiger population in the reserve soon. As Ramandaag falls under the buffer area of the tiger reserve, DFO (buffer) Anil Kumar Mishra said, "The trapping camera recorded the image of a tigress in Ramandaag beat 4 on January 27 whose stomach was enormously bulging leaving no one in doubt that she is pregnant." A tigress can have three phases of gestation in one calendar year if food is available closeby and the tigress does not have to walk for miles to get food. A tigress can conceive every three or four months and the delivery is also possible after equal number of months. In the early 80s, the PTR used to be a shelter of a magnificent tigress popularly known as Begum which had delivered cubs . However Begum was poisoned to death. Official records of the tiger reserve incorporated in the Management Plan valid till 2011 clearly mentioned it on page 70 that there have been three cases of poisoning of tigers in this reserve till the year 1997-98. Thereafter, no figure is recorded in this official book. Two were poisoned to death in the year 1984-85.

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