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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hazaribagh’s tiger trap lies forgotten

FRIDAY, 19 OCTOBER 2012 17:26 RR SRIVASTAVA | HAZARIBAGH HITS: 61 In Hazaribagh, one always has two arguments about the nomenclature. Some say there were a thousand gardens here in the old days, while others say that the forests were the habitat of tigers. There is no evidence left of there ever having been gardens but one unique tiger trap in the forests of Hazaribagh sanctuary is evidence of the thousand tigers present here in the days of yore. The tiger trap was constructed by the king of Ramgarh before Independence. It is said to be India’s biggest tiger trap but is in a sorry state due to negligence of the forest department. The Hazaribagh sanctuary is situated on the Ranchi-Patna National Highway (NH) 33, about 18 km from district headquarters. Every year, many tourists visit this sanctuary but enough information on it has not been spread and they often miss it. Villagers of nearby areas have many stories about this trap and the king. They say that Raja Ramgarh was fond of giving unique gifts. With the help of this trap he caught many Royal Bengal tigers and gifted to other kings and Government officers. They also claim that before and after Independence, many high-profile personalities used to come here to fulfill their hunting passion. The tigers trap is about 40 feet in diametre and depth. In the middle a four feet diametre pole like structure is built. On this pole a goat was kept to attract the tiger. Its base is about 30 feet that is why it looks like a glass. It has 60 feet long inner way to reach inside the trap. Villagers say that the upper portion of the trap was first covered by leaves and then the goat was placed. Before 1980 Hazaribagh sanctuary was known as Hazaribagh National Park. Tourists from all over India use to come here to see the wild life and tree top watch houses. It was a famous shooting spot of Tollywood. With time the forests of Hazaribagh lost many precious flora and fauna, though Hazaribagh sanctuary is a place of attraction yet. If the forest and tourism department will include this tiger trap in the list of spots of attraction, it is sure that more people will visit to see India’s largest and biggest tiger trap.

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