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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tigers move out of Corbett park boundary

Reported by Tania Saili Bakshi, Edited by Amit Chaturvedi | Updated: September 03, Dehradun: The Corbett Tiger Reserve has one of the densest tiger populations in the country. But now with the number of big cats on the rise, the new worry for the forest department is that many tigers are going beyond the park boundaries in search of fresh territory. This brings them in conflict with people and also makes them easy targets for poachers. "With the population of tigers going up; their area of movement has decreased due to which they are moving away from the Corbett Tiger Reserve in search of water, food and rising temperature as well," said SS Sharma, the Chief Wildlife Warden. Most Recent Nokia reportedly testing Lumia 610 successor 'Glory' with 4-inch display Could cancellation of coal licences help Parliament get back to work? Also See 2:02 Tigers move out of Corbett park boundary 1:56 Tigers at Corbett poisoned or beaten to death Uttarakhand has shown a big jump in tiger numbers - from 178 in 2008 to 235 - in the latest census. Now, efforts are being made to provide protection to tigers in the adjoining Lansdowne and Ramnagar forest divisions. "Better management in parks is required. Basic facilities like food and water needs to made available," said Anand Singh Negi, a tiger expert. While rising number of tigers has brought good news for Uttarakhand, limited tiger territory and shrinking habitat has seen a rise in tigers moving to the upper reaches in the Corbett Tiger Reserve. And if this trend continues, man and animal conflict will be inevitable - something the forest department has to think off before it's too late.

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