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Thursday, August 2, 2012

MP to move SC for review of ban on tourism in core areas of tiger reserves

New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh government will approach the Supreme Court for a review of its order banning tourism in core areas of tiger reserves as such a move could affect the livelihood of many, state chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said here today. "This order will definitely have a substantial effect. Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench are parks which are visited by not just Indian but also foreign tourists," Chouhan said. "We are going to approach the Supreme court and our request is that the Indian government should also support our cause," he added. Chouhan also said that while saving tigers was important, there was no certainty that the national animal will be saved if tourism is completely banned. "Most of the people who live in these areas are tribals who get employment because of the tourists. So, these people know that if the tigers are there, there would be employment. If we ban tourism totally, these people would be angry and unemployed," Chouhan added. The Madhya Pradesh CM also said that due to spottings by tourists, there was more awareness about the presence of tigers. "If we impose a total ban, who will watch them? In such a scenario, the threat against tigers would increase," he added. Chouhan also said if there is no tourism, the attitude of the people towards the tigers would change. "If the tiger attacks some of their cattle, they'll start wishing that it is no longer there. And then incidents like poisoning the water, which tigers drink, could happen," Chouhan said. The MP CM said a limited ban, which could ensure that tigers are not disturbed in its habitat, could be implemented. He said he had a positive meeting with Union Minister for Environment and Forest Jayanthi Natarajan in this regard. PTI

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