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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another tigress loses life in territorial battle

TNN | Jul 25, 2012, 05.22AM IST CHANDRAPUR: Yet another tigress has been found killed, this time in North Brahmapuri range, in territorial fight. Carcass of the tigress was discovered near Dudhwahi village on Tuesday morning. A villager passing through the Adyal-Dudhwahi road first saw the carcass in the morning. He reported the matter to villagers of Dudhwahi who in turn informed a forest guard. On getting information senior officers of Brahmapuri forest division rushed to the spot. ACF NG Waghade claimed that tigress was 3-4 years old. He ruled out the possibility of poaching claiming that all vital body parts of the beast are intact. "The carcass was recovered in compartment no. 125 of North Brahmapuri range. Its teeth, nails and skin are intact; hence there is no possibility of poaching. We have recovered signs of territorial fight on the scene. The tigress was killed in a fighting with another tiger," said Waghade. The scene itself gave impression of the territorial fight. The scrubs around the carcass were tampered. The dead tigress had multiple injuries. There were deep canine marks on its head. The claw injury marks were found on head, neck and back of the body. The carcass was fresh and it appears that scuffle between two tigers took place early in the morning, he said. "We have also found pug marks of another tiger on the spot. An eyewitness claimed to have seen another tiger in the same area," Waghade said. Senior officers including CCF, Chandrapur forest circle, BSK Reddy and DCF, Brahmapuri forest division, Sanjay Thawre also visited the scene and inspected the carcass. Two veterinary doctors carried out the post mortem in the presence of NTCA representative Prafulla Bhamburbar, while Bandu Dhotre was present as representative of PCCF during the post mortem. Vets confirmed the cause of death as massive brain haemorrhage. "It has severe canine injury on the skull, which caused haemorrhage leading to death," said Dr Parag Khobragade, who along with other vet Dr Megha Vankar carried out the post mortem. The carcass was cremated before senior officers and witnesses. Large mob of onlookers had gathered on the spot to see the dead tiger. Eight tiger deaths in 2012 So far eight tigers have died in Chandrapur this year. This is third successive incident in which tiger has been killed either in territorial fight with another tiger or by any other animal. On June 29, a tiger cub, killed by wild dogs, was found in Dhaba range. On June 30, the carcass of a full grown tiger, killed in territorial fight with another tiger, was found in FDCM Junona range.

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