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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Palasgaon tiger stable, crying for space

TNN Jun 2, 2012, 03.08AM IST NAGPUR: The Palasgaon tiger, which is undergoing treatment at Seminary Hills nursery, for little over a month is reported to stable and is fast recovering. The full-grown tiger had suffered injuries on left paw and subsequent internal complications after getting entangled in a metal trap laid by poachers near a water hole in Gondmohadi near Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve ( TATR) on April 26. It was shifted to Nagpur on April 27. Team of veterinary doctors treating the tiger say the animal is stable and is fast recovering. The tiger's liver functioning is absolutely normal and this has possibly improved its appetite. The urea-creatinine levels, which were high 15 days ago, now are within the range. "Looking at its condition, no medicines are being given to the tiger. For the past eight days, it is consuming around 2.5kg meat," vets said. They added as the injury is deep, the wound on the left paw, which was entangled in the metal trap, may take over two months to heal. The tiger is resisting treatment to the injured leg. However, turmeric powder is being applied to the wound. "The movements of the animal are swift but it is crying for space. If it is shifted in a bigger cage, the recovery will be more fast. There are no chances of the tiger regaining the nails, lost due to trap injuries," sources said.

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