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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

38 hotels built in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve's safety zone

CNN-IBN Ranthambore: A blatant violation of the wildlife protection norms and a Supreme Court order has come to light. An RTI query has revealed that as many as 38 hotels and luxury resorts are operating within the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. These are located along the 500 metre safety zone in the park. Ranthambhore is home to 42 tigers and at least 20 cubs as per the last tiger census. "The Wildlife Board has declared that no activity will be allowed in a 1 km radius of the sanctuary and wildlife area. But here there are several hotels which have been built without keeping these guidelines in mind," forest department lawyer MH Kachawa said. The hotels are reportedly allowing tourists, mostly foreigners, to view the tigers from their terrace and from viewing towers. Reports say some hotels throw meat over the fence to lure the tigers out so that tourists can get to see them.

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