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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rescued tiger cub healthy, say Panna Reserve officials

TNN Apr 18, 2012, 11.29AM IST BHOPAL: After being rescued from a cave last week, the feeble wild cub abandoned by a tigress is recovering rapidly and is in good health at Panna Tiger Reserve in eastern Madhya Pradesh. "The two-month-old cub is fast recovering. We are monitoring its health round the clock," reserve veterinarian Dr Sanjeev Gupta said. "The tiger cub is being fed milk and other supplements," reserve field director R S Murthy said. The cub was abandoned by a tigress -- T-1 -- some 15 days ago. T-1 gave birth to three more cubs in a cave on February 16. On March 29, it shifted to another cave some 2 km away but did not carry the fragile cub. It, although, returned to the cave on April 2 and fed the abandoned cub. However, T-1 did not carry the cub. Since then, the reserve authorities kept a watch through electronic gadgets. They found that the condition of the cub deteriorated nine days ago in the cave. The cub was rescued from the cave on April 12. It is being kept in a well-equipped room since then. This cub was born in the second litter. T-1 had given birth to four cubs in its first litter two years ago. Only two cubs survived then, officials said. Felines usually abandon their cubs when they turn weak, according to wildlife experts. After the reserve became devoid of big cat population in early 2009 allegedly due to poaching, the state forest department had translocated four tigresses and a tiger to Panna from different tiger reserves in an attempt to revive their population. The translocation plan has seen success with increasing number of cubs. Now 12 cubs, including two young ones are in the reserve.

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