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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'Badshah' still playing hide-and-seek

TNN | Apr 25, 2012, 03.18AM IST LUCKNOW: The Rahmankhera tiger, nicknamed 'Badshah' by wildlife enthusiasts and social media, continues to play hide-and-seek with the trackers. The big cat killed and partially ate a buffalo tied as bait at Rahmankhera on Monday night. It was the 20th bait killed by the tiger even as forest officials remain clueless. The tiger has now shifted its location to a patch of forest with a dense canopy of 'sheesham' trees. On Monday night, it killed and dragged the bait to the sheesham thickets. The tracking team has set up a 'machaan' close to its current location. The bait is being tied to lure the big cat, so that it can be tranquilised once it comes close to the animal. But the strategy, which has been repeatedly tried in Rahmankhera for past four months, has failed to yield result. The tiger was first spotted at Rahmankhera on January 8. "The entire effort is focused on keeping the tiger localised at Rahmankhera rather than tranquilising it," said wildlife enthusiast Kaushalendra Singh. The forest department has not fixed any deadline for tranquilising the tiger. In such a case, the operation might continue without any interference from the agencies that matter. Wildlife activists have demanded that the government should fix a deadline for the operation since lot of money has already been spent on it. And, in case the department fails to trap the tiger in a given time, it might seek help from other quarters. Though the tracking team is now continuing the operation during night as well, activists say it should become more regular. "The team can monitor the behaviour of the tiger to find out when it strkes, in the evening or late night, and can keep a watch accordingly," said secretary, Tiger and Terrain, Sanjay Narayan.

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